Where are we

How to Reach

Farm Roccolo San Bernardo 1350 m. Located on the path that runs along the ridge silvopastorale Mount Bisbino - Mount Binate. Prabello.

Starting location

a) Road Cernobbio-Mount Bisbino; ref. Bugone ref Murelli
b) Schignano Intelvi loc. Posa, c) Sanfedele Intelvi
c) S. Fedele Intelvi-Alpe Cerano
Departure altitude: a) approximately 1170 m b) 840 m
Vertical drop: a) latch b) 460 m
Driving time: 1 hour and 50 mim.-two hours from the refuge. Bugone 1 hour from Posing Difficulty: T = (Tourist) easy path and lack of commitment. Tracks, dirt, flat paths.