Saturday 06.04
by Monday 6.13 to Saturday 6.18

The Farm is part of a vast area of land in Monte Carate Urio situated at an altitude 1,350 m. s.I.m. and falls in a urban agricultural area - wooded, where are granted activities of agro-forestry-pastoral. It was built as the end exploitation of places and customs of this area. The structure has the task of concentrating all those activities supported by the main, this thanks to a dream, to an iron will, the constancy of a Laghee, sensitivity, and the taste of the owners who allow you to participate in the research of the quality of life.
The original toll and was recovered and destined to housing, reception area for snacks and catering. You can also find the area dairy and cheese production, as the area of the stables for animals equipped with all modern facilities make their life quality and optimal causing as little stress as possible, since it would affect the quality of milk and cheese. Currently the production and manufacture of products is localized in small plots and satellite structures downstream. The conservation of the cheese was made from a "nevera" giving the opportunity for guests in addition to know the aromas and flavors also a section on the history of stones.
L 'farm is equipped with a anuava supply of electrical energy produced by the force of the wind by a wind turbine system.